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Hello and welcome to my personal website, my name is Boy Smits and I build this site to learn myself some basic (x)html, css, JavaScript & php skills.

This site is mostly made for personal development.

On this site you can find among others:
  • Some of my programs
  • Some online tools
  • An online version of my CV

  • Last update:

    1. Basic full overhaul finished

    Current backlog & Planned updates:


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    Older updates removed due to overhaul
    contact me (bta.smits@outlook.com) if you would like access to some of the old content

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    1. Complete overhaul of boysmits.nl started (contact me (bta.smits@outlook.com) if you would like access to some of the old content)

    I ended up creating a separate site (www.practicejapanese.nl) for my "Practice Japanese Series" of tools. The local versions found here are therefore deprecated (not up to date / maintained).
    more on a external site

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    This site has been completely overhauled on 2023-11-12 contact me (bta.smits@outlook.com) if you would like access to some of the old content

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    The Phone theme version is mostly set-up but might break some functionality and is not supported for the D&D tool pages yet.

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    This site is made by hand in Notepad++.


    While out thrifting I found a book called Handbook (X)HTML, CSS & JavaScript. While outdated I did end up picking it up as it was cheap and it would be a nice addition to my collection of computer and programming books.
    I always had an interest in programming and developer related stuff so I decided some basic HTML (etc.) skills are never a bad thing, this site is the result.

    CatPicture of one of my catsOne of my cats: Vegeta