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I ended up creating a separate site (www.practicejapanese.nl) for my "Practice Japanese Series" of tools. The local versions found here are therefore deprecated (not up to date / maintained).

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Hiragana Converter. V1.0.2 (deprecated)
With this tool you can convert Rōmaji to Hiragana.

Everything stated / used here should be correct. I am however just starting to learn myself and am not a expert in Japanese at all, so if you see any issues, errors and / or discrepancies please contact me at bta.smits@outlook.com.

Planned additions:
1. Create functionality for translating the other way around (Hiragana to Rōmaji)

Known bugs:
1. -

1. Added auto scroll to the current position in the output text area.

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1. Fixed "GI" incorrectly using hiragana for "I".

1. Build basic framework.
2. Added functionality to the translater function that was needed for it to be able to be used for this tool.
3. Added instructions.

1. Created translater function for "Practice Japanese: Numbers" tool.



1. Enter any text into the "Enter Rōmaji" box・
2. The tool will try to convert (where possible) the text to Hiragana・
3. The converted text can be found in the "Hiragana result" box・
4. Any unconvertible characters / sounds will remain as is・
5a. "Double consonants" will automatically create a small tsu (っ)・
5b. Example: kk will become っk and issho will become いっしょ ・
5c. The small tsu (っ) can also be created by manually entering "ltsu" (for lowercase tsu)・
6a. A normal dot ( . ) will be translated to an ・・
6b. A normal dot can be created by typing /. (slash dot)・
7a. Single spaces will be removed to create a single space two spaces need to be entered・
7b. Example: "juu ni" will become じゅうに, but "juu  ni" will become じゅう に・

Enter rōmaji:

Hiragana result: