Examples of my thrifting finds

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A lot of additions to my collections are found via thrifting. Most of my finds are for my own collections and in general I do not really "hunt" to re-sell or turn a profit. But I will not leave a great opportunity behind if it does happen to present it self.

I do tend to take "gambles" on things like music to see if I like it, and hopefully re-sell if not.

In general I care more about how much I personally like an item then its monetary value and rarity, it is a really great feeling when you score something "normally" expensive for cheap tho.


thrifting scores of 2023-06-02
Just some cheap props to use in my figure photography.


thrifting scores of 2023-05-30
Found some interesting stuff this time. First of all Chopstics from the official Limited Edition version of the WoW Mist of Pandaria Strategy Guide (Only the Chopstics without the actual guide). Also found the Cult Classic Harvester PC game on CD-Rom. And finally the Turtles Memo game I picked up for one of my friends.


thrifting scores of 2023-05-23
Picked up some doll furniture to use in my figure photography.

Next to that I picked up an Art book and a DVD of the classic comedy "Hot Shots" (as the DVD's where discounted).


thrifting scores of 2023-04-13
The first thrift of the year.

Due to some health issues I am sadly unable to properly thrift at the moment. And the "score" of the first thrift of the year is also not the greatest.

The KALLAX turned out an actual door with insert that you bolt to the cupboard and not what I thought (and was looking for) a loose box for in the cupboard, luckily I paid next to nothing for it.

The green mat is a card game playing mat, but I plan to use the other completely green side as an underground for my figure photography.


thrifting scores of 2022-12-30 pic 1
thrifting scores of 2022-12-30 pic 2

The last thrift of the year.

I am looking into buying a propper photo camera at some point in the (near) future so I was keeping my eyes out for a tripod and was glad to pick this one up for cheap.

Next to that I found 2 big Garfield books and a Star Wars "Kylo Ren's TIE fighter" model. The model is missing some parts, but you can not really see this because I hanged it on the ceiling.


thrifting scores of 2022-12-28 pic1
Came home with a puzzle ball still new wrapped in plastic a Sonic comic and a book. The RPO book is a gift for one of my friends.


thrifting scores of 2022-12-24 pic1
This time I found an old iMac accessory pack with keyboard and mouse as well as a soundtrack LP and some DVD's. The Yu-Gi-Oh! DVD's I bought for my nephew.


thrifting scores of 2022-12-05 pic1
Found 3 books, 2 for my self and one will be a gift for one of my friends. Really happy with the Lego art book.


thrifting scores of 2022-11-24 pic1
Took two gambles today, one on a SMART Podium ID370 toutch screen and another on a Technics SL-B2 record player. Both were in unknown condition and untested. It seems like the SMART Podium needs a special pen to work that was not included, luckily I did not pay that much and can probably recoup the investment by selling it on. The Technics SL-B2 is missing it's belt, but the motor etc. seems to work. So I ordered a new belt and hopefully it has no other faulths besides that.

Also picked up a PS1 Disney Demo Disc, an LP and a awesome Dragon.


thrifting scores of 2022-11-10 pic1
hrifting scores of 2022-06-24 pic2
thrifting scores of 2022-06-24 pic2
Finally an actual big find again, found a Philips DVD963SA SACD player. These normally go for atleast €100 plus up to €300 ~ €350, but got this one for less then €20. Would have fitted a little better if it would have been black, but it will do for now.


thrifting scores of 2022-11-05 pic1
Found a big stack of Commodore books including some nice "Type-in" game books.
Also got some music, a game, a still sealed anime dvd and a Transformers knockoff toy.


thrifting scores of 2022-10-31 pic1
A great find this time with two model kits, comics and a dual (English & Japanese) language book.


thrifting scores of 2022-10-14 pic1
A small little card / board game for my LotR board game collection and a METAL CD, not familiar with the band tho.


thrifting scores of 2022-10-10 pic1
A pretty "generic" pick-up again, some music and some (comic) books.


thrifting scores of 2022-09-22 pic1
I was not familiar with the King Arthur boardgame, but it looked interesting with it having a electronic "game master" aspect. This kind of reminded me of an older boardgame that I own called Legend of Zagor.

The LP on the left is Pink Floyd - Animals, sadly it is missing the cover and does not seem to be in a great state. But it was only 20 cents so I will give it a good cleaning and see if it plays without skipping.

Also pick-up an cheap ergonomic keyboard, will give it a try to see if I like the feel of it. If so I might get a propper mechanical one someday.


thrifting scores of 2022-09-02 pic1
Found another Hero Quest boardgame. Sadly this one was not 100% complete, but it was also really cheap so worth the pick-up. Mine also missed some small things and had some wornout pieces, so I combined them making one complete version with some extra / backup pieces. I will try to sell some redundant pieces on their own to cover the costs.

Also found some CD's and games. The Spider-Man I already owned, but is was really cheap so i will try to sell it for a small profit. The Slipknot album I also already owned, but it is nice to have an extra copy for in my car.


thrifting scores of 2022-08-19 pic1
Pretty nice pick-up for the €4 spend, hopefully the lamp will prove usefull when taking pictures in the future.


thrifting scores of 2022-07-21 pic1
Picked-up PC small box version of Neverwinter Nights


thrifting scores of 2022-07-06 pic1
€0.20 well spent.


thrifting scores of 2022-06-24 pic1
hrifting scores of 2022-06-24 pic2 Collapse
Found some great CD's this time. I already tested the Virgin Steele CD's and they are now in one of my CD Changers.

I like old novelty Vinyl so I had to pick up this Card Backed Flexi-disc. This one sided single plays a "personal" birthday song and message to someone / everyone called Angela and was sold as a birthday gift. The same (Hoera! ... is jarig) disks but for people with various different other names were sold as well. Ended up getting it for free.

Not sure if the digital Organizer still works, will have to replace the batteries and check, but it was cheap enough to take the gamble.

2022-06-21 & 2022-06-22:

thrifting scores of 2022-06-21 & 2022-06-22 pic1
Another small score from two days combined.

The Wii game I picked up while I was making a trip on my bike again, the rest was on a "normal" visit to another thrift-store the day after.

Normally I do not like buying puzzles from 2nd hand places as they are always incomplete, this one was still sealed however.

The CD I picked-up purely on it having "Hard-Rock" as it's genre on Discogs, still need to check if it is actually good music.

The DVD's are again for my nephew.

2022-06-17 & 2022-06-18:

thrifting scores of 2022-06-17 & 2022-06-18 pic1
A small score from two days combined.

For two days in a row I happend to be in the neighborhood of a thrift-store. On Friday I was making a trip with my bike and decided to make a quick visit to a random thrift-store, here I picked up the cassette and ps/2 to usb dongle. The next day I had to pick up a figure at a "geek store" and made a quick visit to a thrift-store on the way back. There I picked up the LP and CD.


thrifting scores of 2022-06-14 pic1
Picked up an nice set of CD's and an always good to have spares of cable. The Drowning Pool and 3 Doors Down CD's already earned their place in the CD changers, the others I will decide later if they are "worthy".


thrifting scores of 2022-06-08 pic1
A varied pick up again. Already owned an Alice novel, but this is a nice edition with pictures. The Warcraft novel I will probably sell on as I do not really like books in the Dutch language.


thrifting scores of 2022-05-11 pic1
Some completely different things this time, my chair in my hobby room was literally falling appart so I picked up a "new" one when I saw this nice chair at the thirft-store. Still testing to see if it sits good enough to keep or if I going to re-sell it.
I also do not have any cooling in my hobby room so I also picked up a fan. Next to that I got a stack of birthday card for free and a thingy for measuring, drawing and cutting etc.


thrifting scores of 2022-04-29 pic1
Was in the neighborhood of a thrift-store because I was visiting an other store nearby, picked-up 2 board games for cheap.


thrifting scores of 2022-04-27 pic1
It was Kings Day in the Netherlands on April 27, on this day there are a lot of festivities and flee markets everywhere. These markets are mostly done by "normal" families and children instead of the normal "profesional" stand holders. Sadly I was not able to go really really early when the local markets opened to get the actual good deals so I only got to pick-up some of the scraps.

Still pretty happy with what I was able to get (for what I paid for it). Sadly A lot of the games had either no box or the box was completely broken.


thrifting scores of 2022-04-08 pic1
Picked-up some random stuff, already owned a copy of the DBZ DVD so this one will go to my nephew.


thrifting scores of 2022-03-14 pic1
Went with a specific goal in mind this time, I was looking for a frame and a tripod. Sadly no proper tripod was to be found. But a frame I was able to score. Grabbed some singles as a "bonus".


thrifting scores of 2022-03-11 pic1
Grabbed some CD's with some CD-Roms hidden among them. Especially happy with the Linkin Park CD.


thrifting scores of 2022-03-04 pic1
A pretty varied little score again today.

Found some more games for the collection. The Altered Beast is sadly missing the cover and booklet, but this game is a somewhat rare so I still picked it up. I already own the Mortal Kombat one so I will try to sell it on.

The CD's are not that amazing a find compaired with the last couple of trips but still nice to have.

The Pikachu will be a gift for my nephew. The Hulk comic was only 20 cents. And below the GoW3 game is a little blue box of story cubes, I think these might be handy to use during D&D for example. Lastly I picked up a Rigid RGB Mousepad... Do not really care that much about the whole RGB part, but a good mouce pad is always nice to have extra's of.


thrifting scores of 2022-02-25 pic1
thrifting scores of 2022-02-25 pic2
The 2nd big pick-up in one week, made a little round on my birthday and found a lot of stuff again.

Almost all of the CD's where only 25 cents a piece so I did not hold back taking everything that looked even remotely interesting. Some of them are pretty rare to find in the wild, so really happy with this score. A couple I already put into my CD-changers (that are on the verge of getting full), the others I will give a listen first to decide their fate.

Next to the CD's I also picked up the Star Wars PC game, the Lassie VideoCD, Star Trek Omnipedia and Queen DVD for the same price.

The steering wheel (and pedals) are for the original XBOX and are the JS-507 officially licensed by Williams F1 Team one. I still need to decide what I will be doing with them (Sell / Keep as is, convert to PC).

I also took the Creative Labs Sound Blaster AUDIGY 2 ZS external Hub Controller home with me, will probably sell this one on as I do not have the actual card (Will keep the cables for my self however).

And finally grabed 2 books for my (old) computer / programming books collection.


thrifting scores of 2022-02-23 pic1
thrifting scores of 2022-02-23 pic2
Had a pretty big score today. (╹ᆺ╹)ノ

At this thirft-store 99% of the time a small group of people will immediately pick everything worth getting from the new CD's and Vinyl (they know exacly when new stuff will be put in the store and will be there waiting). But just once in a couple of years when all stars align you can be lucky and there has been a batch of Metal and other interesting stuff without it being all taken already.

Next to the CD's I also picked up an empty cassette tape, 2 tapes with various rock music and a Simon and Garfunkel LP.

As for games I added another 4 PS2 games to the collection as well as an new boardgame.

Lastly I also found a book about cutom motor bikes and for my nephew I grabed a Beyblade Puzzleball and a Bionicle DVD.

2022-01-28 & 2022-02-02:

thrifting scores of 2022-01-28 & 2021-02-02 pic1
hrifting scores of 2022-01-28 & 2021-02-02 pic2 Collapse
Two small finds combined.

First on Friday 2022-01-28 I found 2 of the 3 Lord of the Rings books. Already owned the trilogy in Dutch but have been looking for the English versions for a while. Sadly I am still missing the 3rd book in English. However assuming I will find it someday they will replace the complete Dutch set on my bookshelf.

The following Wednesday while not in the best of states (depreciated library stock) and in Dutch the Watchmen set is still a nice comics find in my opinion. Also found "Every Extend Extra" game for the PSP on that same day.


thrifting score of 2022-01-26 pic1
Found something really different this time, a Fire resistant suitcase (I will be keeping my Diplomas & Certificates in this for safekeeping from now on).

Added Ender's Game to my book collection.

As a pleasant surprise I found out that the 360 Wolfenstein box also had Wolfenstein 2 for the Xbox One tucked away in it.

And lastly another Boes DVD for one of my friends.


thrifting score of 2022-01-19 pic1
The first thrift of 2022.

A pretty varied pick-up but mostly within the general Thrifting staples of Music, Games, Books & Comics.

In general I do not really pick-up anything related to eating and drinking from thrift-stores. But this set was new in the box and really cheap so I deviated from my general rule.

In the Music "category" I picked-up an LP from famous Japanese composer Tomita.

For books I got one about a dutch Festival called "Zwarte Cross", one about traveling to / in Japan and one about Rock & Roll. There were a lot of books about Music / Rock but all of them together was still quite a large sum of money (and I am running out of bookshelf space) so I decided to pick only one.

And again some of old comics this time.

I already owned Soulcalibur II on the GameCube, but I really love this game and every version has an unique character (Heihachi Mishima from Tekken on the PS2, Link from Zelda on the GameCube and Spawn the comic book character on the Xbox).

And lastly the Boes DVD I picked-up for one of my friends.


thrifting score of 2021-12-17 pic1
Nice and varied pick-up this time.

Finding a lot of comics the last couple of weeks. Luckily they are a really quick read in general, but the backlog for my "to read" comics does keeps growing however -_- .

I am trying to limit my boardgame purchases as the chance to actually play them has been too limited the last couple of years, but I could not skip over this one for the price I got it for.

Also got some great finds in the books department, 2 books based on video game franchises, a Game of Thrones related book and a book about the Hubble Space Telescope (Side note: Really hyped about the hopefully finally soon to launch James Webb Space Telescope). Especially happy with the Assassin's Creed book as it is set in the ACII era that I really like.

The CD has some live performances of 3 Hardcore bands, it will probably end up in my CD changer if it does not have any issues on the test play.

I used to collect elephant related stuff when I was little and I just could not pass on this elephant plushy as my favourite plushy from my childhood is this one but in a different colour2 Elephant plushy side by sideSadly the original has become kind of dirty..


thrifting score of 2021-12-09 pic1
Picked up a 2 comics, a CD (not sure if going to sell or put in CD-changer). The Turtles DVD I picked up for one of my friends.


thrifting score of 2021-12-02 pic1
Picked up a bunch of comics, a LP, a CD and some cables.


thrifting score of 2021-11-05 pic1
A small music pick-up this time. Made a trip visiting 5 different thrift-stores, but came back with only a Vinyl single and a CD (that might be good or bad).
Recently however a new record store opened nearby and I decided to check it out. There I picked up the VHS tape and the Linkin Park CD (the CD is for one of my friends).

2021-10-21 & 2021-10-22:

thrifting score of 2021-10-21 & 2021-10-22 pic1
Another one with 2 days combined.
The Top Gear CD has some nice music for in my car while driving and the other CD I will have to check first to see if I like it or not.
In the games department I scored some Davilex games and N3. The Turtles kwartet is for my Turtles loving friend again.


thrifting score of 2021-10-15 pic1
Small Friday thrift store pick-up. The Van Halen CD was a nice find, it has some small scratches but luckily it played without issues. I already owned the soundtrack for the book called "Sobriëtas", this is the main reason I picked that one up. The Turtles Domino game I picked up as a gift for one of my friends. And for the last 2 items I grabed A Power Rangers card game still new in seal and Heart of Darkness for PC.

2021-10-07 & 2021-10-08:

thrifting score of 2021-10-07 & 2021-10-08 pic1
Both thrift store pick-ups on 2021-10-07 and 2021-10-08 where pretty insignificant on their own and so I combined them into one.
Some music on a variety of media formats, happy with my first somewhat decent cassette tape find in a long time. The book is about the famous Dutch Rocker Bennie Jolink, I grew up with his music and it was my earliest gateway into the harder Rock and Metal. And lastly an Ikea "Lekman" box for cheap that I going to need in the future anyways.

thrifting score of 2021-10-08 pic2
And then in the evening of the 8th I picked up this locally via Marktplaats (online secondhand marketplace). The Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Special Edition is without the game and steelbook but I really like the statue. Not a 100% sure of the legitimacy of the 4 star ball and Goku on the cloud ones in the middle, but they do look pretty good. The 4 on the left however do look pretty bad and are clearly cheap knockoffs. They are not displayed with the others in my displaycaseDBZ figurines in displaycaseDBZ part in my display cases and I see them more as a "free" bonus of the lot.


thrifting score of 2021-09-30 pic1
Small little game pick-up, already owned the Wario Land but going to trade it for another game with one of my friends.


thrifting score of 2021-09-23 pic1
Picked-up a little bit of everything at my local thrift store.


thrifting score of 2021-09-19 pic1
My first flea market since 2019. (๑╹ᆺ╹)7

Not the best score ever, but is was nice to to be out on some flea market trips again.
Also picked up some stuff for one of my friends, but that is not in the picture.


thrifting score of 2021-09-10 pic1
A lot of the pickups from today are not for myself.

The Turtle bag and wallet I picked up for one of my friends, he is a big Turtles fan and this will be perfect for his son when he gets a little older.
The Offspring CD I picked up for one of my other friends, it is either just coincidence or this one is weirdly commmon as this is the fourth copy I have picked up.

For my self I got a C++ book for my computer / programming book collection, a small book about Metallica, a cool small "chibi" Optimus Prime (could not leave it behind for only 50 cents) and an other CD (No idea yet if it is any good tho).


thrifting score of 2021-09-06 pic1
Not the best games in the world, but the fact that they are for the GameCube made me pick them up anyway.
Seeing the board game Pandemie (Pandemic) gives such a more weird feeling these days, but anyways still happy to find it for cheap.


thrifting score of 2021-09-03 pic1
Quite a lot of variety of finds this time.

Finding Game Boy games in the wild is pretty rare, so I am happy with getting these 4.
Finally found a cheap copy of Halo 2 for the PC. I really wanted it for my collection, but I did not want to pay to much as I will probably never actually play it from this disk.
Also grabed a copy of Wipeout Fusion on the PS2.

On the music side I took a gamble on 3 CD's, will need to test if they are worthy to go in the CD changer.

Was eyeballing the Exploding Kittens game for a while already so I am happy I did not buy it new yet. The price was not amazing, but still got the base game + the expension for cheaper then the base alone when bought new.

The "STM32 F4 Discovery Evaluation Board" I picked up because it was really cheap and I will hopefully be able to sell it with a profit. This will then help finance my future thrifting.

I promised my self to not pick-up any more puzzles from thrift stores after being burned by incomplete ones before.... But I just really liked these ones and they were not too expensive.... I just really hope they are complete. Investing all that time and then missing one or a couple of the last pieces really Sucks.

Got my self a book to add to my slowly growing Japan related books collection.

And finally got some DVD's for my nephew again.


thrifting score of 2021-09-02 pic1
hrifting score of 2021-09-02 pic2 Collapse
The local thrift store was on the way for my trip home so I decided to take a quick peek. And I am glad that I did as I picked up this box full of goodies for €20.

When I bought it I did not know what exactly was in it, only that it had (as of now still in unknown state) 2 original Xboxes and a bunch of games. I will need to test te Xboxes and I will sell them on as I already have 3 of them.

There were around ~30 Xbox games and one for the PC. Quite a lot of them I could actually add to my collection as I did not have 18 of them yet (as well as the PC game).

Oh and there was also the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell book that was included.


thrifting score of 2021-08-27 pic1
Did a bigger multi thrift store round and came home with some great finds.

The Lamb of God CD for 25 cents looked kind of damaged but ended up playing without issues, it has now found it's new home inside one of my CD Changers.

Cleaned and played the Easy Rider and Vandenberg albums and they too were great.

On the gaming front I got a nice Far Cry 3 steelcase edition, a random Davilex CD-rom and a complete Buzz!: Quiz World set.

And then some other random CD's, LP's and miscellaneous goods. Was running out of basic RGB/Tulip cables and thriftstores are a great way to get these for cheap. Also picked up a random ZIP disk, still looking for a drive that can actually use it tho. The Passion of the Christ disks seem like they are Video-CD's but my CDI player has problems reading them cleanly. Only paid 25 cents for it so luckily not a great loss. The little black Buda statue at the top right was for free.


thrifting score of 2021-08-25 pic1
Some pickups from the local thrift store. Finding a decent DS games for cheap in the wild is pretty rare these days.


thrifting score of 2021-08-23 pic1
Especially happy with the Jazz Jackrabbit CD-Rom, if I had to make a personal list of childhood defining games it would definitely be on there.
Some Duke Nukem 3D is always great of course and the Lucky Luke game is still sealed.
I already own the Rondò Veneziano LP, but it was only 20 cents so I am going to compair which copy is better.


thrifting score of 2021-08-13 pic1
Some great finds in this one.

The Game Gear sadly does not work (I knew this when I picked it up for cheap) and I was unable to easily get it to work again. It will probably need to have it's capacitors replaced, but I will sell it on as I do not feel up to that at the moment.

Also got the Technics SL-5 (Direct-Drive, Linear Tracker) turntable for a really good price. It looks a lot better now after a good cleaning and I am currently testing it. I will probably use it as my main turntable from now on.

The Halo 2 Map Pack is a great addition to my Halo collection and the Knudde CD-Roms bring back a lot of memories from when I used to play those games during my childhood.

I got really happy thinking I found a soundtrack of Airplane on vinyl, but it turned out to be a Laser Disk... Still picked it up with the hope that I will someday find a player for cheap.


thrifting score of 2021-08-12 pic1
Found some (mainly comic) books, the row on the right I picked up for my nephew.


thrifting score of 2021-08-06 pic1
Came home from the thrift store with some additions to my Vinyl collection, a CD and a PC game. The white label LP is a unofficial Release named "Disco Mix '86".
The Beatles White Album sadly ended up being to damaged and was skipping the needle, but luckily I only paid 20 cents for it.


thrifting score of 2021-07-23 pic1
The main score here are the 2 "My first Sony" walkmans. Got these really cheap and will try to fix them up and sell them on to fuel my own future thrifting.


thrifting score of 2021-07-02 pic1
Nothing too special this time. Mainly 2 DVD's for my nephew and a LP.


thrifting score of 2021-06-24 pic1
Done: Puzzle Done
🤘(◉‿◉)🤘. Pretty nice music score.


thrifting score of 2021-06-22 pic1
Picked-up what one of my friends had saved up for me in the last couple of months. A couple of freebees in there again.
These New 3DS XL's are getting harder to get for a price I am willing to pay so I am glad to have one in my collection now.
The Chrono Cross is a repro card, I am going to replace the battery and then play it (hopefully soon).


thrifting score of 2021-06-21 pic1
Due to maintenance the power was off for a couple of hours at home, having nothing else to do I went to a local thrift store. And I am glad I did as I came back with quite a good score.

1. An other Sony CDP-CX CD Jukebox, this time a 51 Disk one. This one I will try to re-sell as they are worth quite a lot more then what I paid and I already have 3 bigger ones.

2. 3 Full sets of coloured Cherry MX keycaps.

3. William Shatner's TekWar (PC Big Box game). This one seems to be worth about 10 times what I paid. I will put it up for sale to see if there are any takers, if not then I will just keep it in my own collection.

4. Boxed "De Natuur - Interactieve Encyclopedie". A dutch interactive encyclopedia about nature.


thrifting score of 2021-06-18 pic1
Small but nice pick-up, happy with the new in box Nintendo Labo for cheap.


thrifting score of 2021-06-11 pic1
Getting back into it, nothing too amazing this time but some nice pickups nonetheless.


thrifting score of 2021-06-10 pic1
Made a quick stop at a thrift store while touring around on my bike.


thrifting score of 2021-06-04 pic1
Iron Maiden: Ed Hunter (Double CD + CD-ROM Game)
My first thrift after 479 days (๑╹ᆺ╹)ノ ....

And I immediately got some great finds to welcome me back. My favorite find was the "Iron Maiden: Ed Hunter" Double CD + CD-ROM Game. A perfect find for someone who is into both Metal and classic PC games.

I took a gamble for €8,50 on the box as it contained an of unknown state untested Wii + various Wii related peripherals etc. The gamble worked out as it all seems to work perfectly after testing it at home. It is going to need a good cleaning first tho. ( ×m×)

As it is looking now I will hopefully be able to get back to some more regular thrifting by the end of this month.


Received on 2020-10-10 pic1
One of my friends contacted me that a colleague of them (who happend to live in my neighborhood) was giving away some free goodies. So I picked up this Dragon Ball GT Chess set with accompanying magazines.

And as a bonus it even came in a MSX bag.


Received on 2020-07-05 pic1
Got another nice delivery from one of my friends. And as he is the best there were even some awesome extra freebees in there.

At the moment my N64 collection is still relatively small, but with these additions I have now a large part of my "must haves".

The Scope is in a pretty ruff condition but no complains from me as I got it for free.

The Galaxy 2 sleeve only contains the extra DVD and not the actual game but this one was free aswell.


Received on 2020-05-31 pic1
Keeping the thrifting spirit alive by proxy. I recieved another delivery from one of my friends.
I am a big NieR:Automata fan and am therefore really happy to have added the orginal Nier to my collection now. I am however going to wait for the upcoming remake and actually play the game that way.


Received on 2020-05-04 pic1
Due to the current coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 // COVID-19) pandemic I have been unable to go out and thrift since early February. Luckily one of my friends was willing to share some of his finds and was able to deliver them to me safely. The Amiibo was a delayed part of the birthday gift from my friends, the rest I bought from my friend. Especially really happy with the Dragon's Lair CD-i game.


thrifting score of 2020-02-12 pic1
Had a very lucky timing and got a (for me at least) very nice set of vinyl. These just came in and I was the first to have a change to browse them (with 5 others around me who would have certainly taken them as well given the chance). The ones without covers in the left back corner are also a Kiss album.


thrifting score of 2020-02-06 pic1
Been thrifting quite frequently again, have not documented most of the smaller finds. But today's haul was worth it again.

This is the bulk of it:
A Clementoni - Doc learning robot for my little nephew.
A DVD version of AtmosFear to go with the VHS one I found on 2020-01-13.
Some marval books and other comics, some computer books and some other various books.
And finally not pictured some CD's and vinyl.


thrifting score of 2020-01-31 pic1
Got a big stack of old (80's) computer books, I love reading these kind of books. Supposedly the Tomb Raider game is not that great, but I got it more for collection purposes anyway.


thrifting score of 2020-01-13 pic1
So I did ended up going back very quikly (see post from 2020-01-11).
I just had to check if I did not miss anything.

Came home with some aditional games and books. Sadly after checking later it turned out "Vlucht van Atlantis" was not fully complete. Atmosfear however is and came with a working VHS tape.

Also finally found an English version of The Silmarillion, already had it in Dutch but I rather have my books in English most of the time.


thrifting score of 2020-01-11 pic1
Went thrifting two days in a row and got some finds I wanted to share here.

Found two normally very expensive board games for very cheap. Especially HeroQuest seems to be highly regarded. And it even came with 3 expensions in the box (some very small unimportant things are missing but that doesn't really bother me that much in this particular case).

Sadly it seems like the CD-i player is not working correctly, but fortunately it was really cheap as well.

Kind of tempted to go back very soon as I did not managed to fully go through all of the board game very well.


thrifting score of 2020-01-11 pic1
It has been a while since the last expedition, I did however find a Commodore 128 (that I did not post here) between this find and the previous post.
But anyway, this time I found a nice BTC 5100C Mini Keyboard at the local thrift store.


thrifting score of 2019-10-27 pic1
Had some smaller finds between this and the last post but I did not document those (mainly consisting of some vinly and a couple of CD's etc.). This one I thought was worth documenting again.

Visited two flea markets this weekend and came back with some nice finds. I have been on the lookout for a new SACD player after my Marantz DV6400 died, and while not being of the same quality this Sony DVP-NS700V should hold me over for now (and for five euro I can't really complain). Also happy with the Zelda (BotW) Switch carrying case and Xbox360 Kinect that I was still missing.


thrifting score of 2019-09-13 pic1
Needed an amp for the new hobby room and came back with a lot of games, music, books and a Denon amplifier. Got the Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze games for an euro each, two games that were on my wish list but that I had not manage to find for cheap yet.


thrifting score of 2019-08-31 pic1
Visited a local thrift store, especially happy with the two vintage dinosaur / monster toys.


thrifting score of 2019-08-17 pic1
Finally got myself a MSX2. Got it via Marktplaats and it came with some nice games. Especially happy with the boxed Elite game, but sadly it is not 100% complete. It also came with a (not pictured) big ass Philips (32PW8504/12) CRT TV.


thrifting score of 2019-08-11 pic1
Visited two flea markets this weekend and had some nice finds (considering what I paid for it).

The GBA seems to be working fine, but the body is scratched and it is missing the battery cover. It did however still had a Dexter's laboratory game inside and I only paid one euro for it. I might look into a full body replacement for this one.

The Pong system I still need to fully check, but on a first quick test it seems like it is not working.

Four of the LP's I already owned, but for 50 cents I could not leave them rotting away in that pile any longer (it was not a pretty sight). I will try to fix them up and compare them with the ones I already had. I did however not own the Deep Purple one yet, so pretty happy with that find for 50 cents.


thrifting score of 2019-08-09 pic1
thrifting score of 2019-08-09 pic2
Found some miscellaneous music etc., but more importantly of cource the set of B&W DM602 speakers pictured above (and for a very reasonable price). After testing I decided to replace my Paradigm Phantoms with the B&W speakers. I do think the Phantoms where better speakers in there prime, but in their current sorry state the B&W are a big improvement. These DM602's will however not be the endgame, and the search for better speakers continues. But for now I atleast do not have absolute dogshit sound anymore.


thrifting score of 2019-08-06 pic1
Had a quick visit to my local thrift store, found some controllers, a LP and a book.

thrifting score of 2019-08-06 pic2
Later that day I picked up this MSX via marktplaats.nl. It seems to work mostly fine and is also able to load games from a cassette which my other MSX fails to do.

The guy I bought it from said he also had a MSX2 and would contact me as soon as he finds it, so fingers crossed.
(Me from the future spoiler: He did not contact me)


thrifting score of 2019-08-04 pic1
Went to small Sunday flea market, came back with some music.


thrifting score of 2019-07-31 pic1
Was in the neighborhood of a thrift store after an appointment.

The games are not the greatest, but you do not see cheap Wii games over here that often.
Got some various (always nice to have) cables.
As well as some vinyls. I really like the covers of the Rondò Veneziano and The Un-Xplained ones.
And lastly a Tolkien book, sadly in Dutch again.


thrifting score of 2019-07-29 pic1
Some random stuff found at my local thrift store.The CD to the right is a HDCD, a format that you do not see that often.


thrifting score of 2019-07-21 pic1
Went to a local flea market and found some great vinly, some miscellaneous CD, CD-i and CD-Rom disks, a Ren & Stimpy comic and a book which almost completes my griezelbus book collection.


thrifting score of 2019-07-19 pic1
Found some MAD comic books and a VTech computer. The VTech seems to be in perfect condition but will probably end up as a shell for a project at some point.


thrifting score of 2019-07-16 pic1
Nothing really special this time. Already had these books, but now I have all three with matching covers. I would rather have the english versions but I have not been able to find those anywhere yet (while thrifting). I do however have the Hobbit in English as wel as some (Dutch) Tolkien universe companion books.


thrifting score of 2019-07-07 pic1
At a local flea market you could buy a trashbag and fill it with whatever you could fit in it. Meaning it was a case of load first, check later.

Got some PS2 games, but sadly most of them are crapy sport games. Some old computer peripherals that are always nice to have. Two PS2 controlers from which one is definitely for parts only. Two board games that I need to check if they are complete. An old (probably broken) Windows XP Dell laptop that is (as with all my laptop finds) missing the ac adaptor. And finally some old PC CD-ROMS, VHS tapes and various other crap (including a XBOX360 wireless guitar hero guitar that is not in the picture).

It seems like they were going to trash basically everything that was not sold, so it was with a heavy heart that I had to leave some stuff behind (among others a CRT monitor, a CRT TV and a record player) as I do not have the room to store it at the moment.


thrifting score of 2019-07-05 pic1
A quick scroll through my local thrift store netted me this Phil Collins VIDEO-CD.


thrifting score of 2019-07-04 pic1
A small score after a quick visit to the local kringloop (thrift store).

2 cabaret (stand-up comedy) CD's for in my car and a set of gaming related Ikea SLÄTTHULT wall stickers. Also a new Rubix Cube, these are slowly becoming a collectionPicture 3 of my cubesNot planning on really making this an actual collection as well.

But in my opinion the best pick up of the day is the book "Van Edison tot CD-VIDEO" (from Edison till CD-VIDEO), a book from 1988 telling the history of computers, physical audio & video media, etc. This one goes really well with this bookHet Computer BoekThe Computer Book - first published in 1983:
A book telling the history of computers and what the at that time
revolutionary micro computer could do.
I am currently reading.
It also fits in well with my small collectionPicture of my collectionCurrent collection of (retro) computer books.


thrifting score of 2019-07-01 pic1
Went to a (for me) new secondhand shop.
Got some really nice finds, especially the CD's.

In my 200 CD changer I swapped out Metallica - Load for the newly found Reload also swapped out three other CD's for Def Leppard - Hysteria, Alice In Chains - Dirt and Stone Sour - Come What(ever) May (SE). It is getting harder and harder to decide which CD's to remove from the changer as I really like all of the currently loaded ones.

Also came home with some LP's, particularly happy with the Santana & Johnny Cash ones. The Heidi one I just really like the cover art of, this also the reason I picked up the ALF single.

Some older noteworthy finds:

The Commodore 64 was a nice find at the local thrift store.

Someone at work knew I collected retro hardware and had seen my C64 thrift store find. He showed me a photo of what his father had found on the attic..
A C16 in the original box, so I made him an offer and we ended up making a deal. Still looking for compatible controllers so I can actually play the games I have.

Got the Lynx from someone that lived nearby (via Marktplaats.nl). The rest came from various flea markets and thrift stores in the neighborhood.

The Bard's Tale III - Thief of Fate (IMB PC, XT & Tandy 1000)
Found in my local thrift store, sadly the only diskette based game I ever found.

KREATOR - Hallucinative Comas (VHS)
A VHS tape of my favourite band found on a flea market during Kings day.

I have many more, but these are some of the (in my opinion) more noteworthy.